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Concertatm Website:
Concertatm is an extended-release formulation of methyphenidate tablets for ADHD treatment which is designed to last throughout the day with just one dose.

Dexedrine® Website:
Dexedrine may be used as an integral component of a treatment program, typically in combination with psychological, educational, or social measures for a stabilizing effect in children exhibiting the following behavioral syndrome: moderate-to-severe distractibility, short attention span, hyperactivity, emotional liability, and impulsivity.

Effect of Glyconutritionals on the Severity of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Dr. Kathyrn D Dykman; Dr. Ray N McKinley
Glyconutritional supplements significantly decreased the number and severity of ADHD symptoms and improved health as rated by 32 indices.

Ritalin® Websites:
Although Ritalin® has been used therapeutically for the last 50 years, little is known about the drug's mechanism(s) of action. Latest study indicates that Ritalin® works by significantly increasing levels of the neurotransmitter, dopamine, in the brain, thereby stimulating attention and motivational circuits - enhancing one's ability to focus and complete tasks.

Secretin® Websites:
Unlocking the Potential of Secretin by Victoria Beck Website:
What parents and physicians need to know about using secretin in autism, 'PDD,' and related disorders.
Study Confirms Secretin No More Effective Than Placebo in Treating Autism Symptoms - National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Website:
The latest in a series of studies on secretin has failed to show that giving the digestive hormone to children with autism alleviates symptoms of the disorder, according to a study funded by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.
Autism and Secretin John Wills Lloyd Website:
Resources about using secretin-like substances to treat autism have appeared in many places, particularly the popular press. Most of the interest in this followed the observations by Victoria and Gary Beck about their son Parker's improvement after taking secretin. People should be cautious about seeking immediate treatment, as the data are discouraging and the use of secretin to treat autism is still "off label" (i.e., not a recommended medical practice).