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Learning Outside the Lines

Two Ivy League Students with Learning Disabilities and ADHD Give You the Tools for Academic Success and Educational Revolution.

This is a handbook for all students who think and learn outside the lines. Written in a voice that comes straight from the educational trenches, this book comes from the success stories of Jonathan Mooney and David Cole, two recent honour graduates from Brown University. In the book, both Jonathan and David share the heart wrenching stories - case studies in a struggle that consumes us all - of their early failures in a school system that values normalcy above all. Their personal stories express an all too common experience of marginalisation and alienation that anyone who has ever felt like an outsider or who has been forced out of our school system or sacrifice aspects of true learning can understand and learn from in order to achieve their true potential.

With practical, accessible, hands-on advice, "Learning Outside the Lines" illustrates successful methods of reading, taking notes, studying and taking exams that are the only available alternative to the method of teaching that assume everyone learns the same way.

Easy to follow exercises and charts are included to help students work these skills into their routine. "Learning Outside the Lines" brings education to the student as the student is and embraces all kinds of minds and accesses all types of alternative learning styles. Using these tools, the reader will learn better, get better grades and revolutionise their education.

We all deserve an education that gives us that experience of mastery, freedom and empowerment. Witty, bold and disarmingly honest, "Learning Outside the Lines" is a handbook for any student who has felt left out by traditional education, taking the reader on a journey towards personal empowerment and profound educational change.

Driven to Distraction

Author's: Edward M. Hallowell, M.D. & John J. Ratey, M.D
Review: Recognising and Coping with Attention Deficit Disorder from Childhood through Adulthood.

Brief from Edward Hallowell
I have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). I discovered I had ADD when I was thirty-one years old near the end of my training in child psychiatry at the Massachusetts Mental Health Centre in Boston. As my teacher in neuro-psychiatry began to describe ADD in a series of morning lectures during a steamy Boston summer, I had one of the great "Aha!" experiences of my life. You need to read the book…

Toe By Toe

Author's: Keda Cowling (Cert Ed) & Harry Cowling (B.A.Hons)
Review: A Highly Structured Multi-Sensory Reading Manual for Parents & Teachers.

Brief from Keda Cowling.
Any child with reading difficulties especially those who have been diagnosed as having Specific Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia)
The Author believes that at least twenty per cent of the population needs this book.
This is a must for any of our children that need a different way of learning.

Learn To Learn

Author's: Christine Ward & Jan Daley
Review: Strategies for Accelerating Learning and Boosting Performance.

Brief about this book
We encourage individuals to identify, value and use their natural learning styles and have confidence in their ability to perform and achieve successfully. We hope that readers will use, as part of their everyday lives, the simple strategies we have described. By doing this, they will experience a revolution in their ability to learn and perform. This is a very good Teaching Tool. A must for all Teachers, and parents.


Author: New Zealand Council for Educational Research

This book may be used to help with spelling when you are writing, or when you come to proofread your work. There are also lists of the most common words you will write and groups of words on some topics. Your teacher will explain how to use the book in other ways. All Children should have one of these at primary.

The Hidden Disorder

Author: Christopher Green

This book is one of the first books that any parent should read, if you identify any of the contents, then you are half way to being able to help your child…this covers in the main the disorder ADHD/ADD, but in these signs are also the predictors for Specific Learning Difficulties, of which there are many. I recommend this book personally, as it help in saving the life of my son, and helping me to understand that he was different----but also very talented. Moira Buchanan.

Webster's Dictionary

For Home, School & Office
Authoritative, up-to-date definitions.
Clear, easy-to-read format
Syllabled pronunciation (very much needed for Dyslexic's)
Computer Terms

Webster's Speller

For Home, School & Office
Basic English for daily use
Dictionary format
Clear, easy-to-read format
Key words in Bold Type.