From the Human Rights Commission booklet

From the Human Rights Commission booklet, a few very important notices that all parents should know.

Types of Unlawful Discrimination (Grounds)

What is unlawful discrimination?

Unlawful discrimination occurs when a person is treated unfairly or less favourably than another person in the same or similar circumstances. It may be direct or indirect. The following are some of the areas of protection under the Human Rights Act.

  • Your sex (Gender)
  • Your martial status
  • Your religious belief
  • Your ethical belief
  • Your colour, race, or ethnic or national origins
  • Your age
  • Your political opinion
  • Your employment status
  • Your family status
  • Your sexual orientation
  • Your disability

"Your Disability" means physical disability or impairment; physical or psychiatric illness; intellectual or psychiatric disability or impairment; and other loss or abnormality of psychological, physiological, or anatomical structure or function; reliance on a guide dog, wheelchair, or other remedial means; and having a virus capable of causing illness (like HIV or Hepatitis).

What Areas Does The Act Operate In?

People with disabilities are protected from discrimination in: employment; business partnerships; vocational training (Educational) and qualification authorities; access to public places; provision of accommodation; educational establishments; provision of goods and services. Services include banking, insurance and superannuation, grants, loans, credit or finance, services provided by any profession or trade.

The Human Rights Commission

How We Can Help You

We can provide you with information on your rights.

We can work in your workplace, school or community group to provide education and training resources on human rights promotion and sexual harassment prevention and equal opportunities.

We can assist you to resolve a situation in which you think you have been discriminated against.

We can provide expert investigation and litigation services should you be unable to resolve your complaint yourself, and your complaint is within the Human Rights Act's jurisdiction.

All of the above are in the Human Rights Leaflets, to contact the
Human Rights Act HELP DESK 0800 496 877 or
Email for further information.