What is ADHD ???


ADHD is a neurological deficiency, in the frontal lobe section of the brain. True ADHD is a hereditary condition in chromosome 2, the amount of cracks in the gene, will determine the severity of the disorder...

But can also be caused by an accident, severe knocks to the head (while growing) and with time, may heal the neurons, so they contact again and function as normal.

How is it different from ADD ???


ADD is considered the same as ADHD, but without the hypoactivity, therefore the person or child, would be more inclined to be quiet rather than noisy and boisterous.

How would you know if your child has ADHD ???


Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder - Alternative Diagnoses
Symptoms ADS
Sensory Integration Dysfunction
Learning-Related Visual Problems
Nutrition Allergies
(Rapp, Crook
& Smith)
Normal Child Under 7
Inattention (At least 6 necessary)
Often fails to give close attention to details or makes careless mistakes x x x x  
Often has difficulty sustaining attention in tasks or play activities x x x x x
Often does not listen when spoken to directly x x x x  
Often does not follow through on instructions or fails to finish work x x x x x
Often has difficulty organizing tasks and activities x x x x x
Often avoids, dislikes or is reluctant to engage in tasks requiring sustained mental effort x x x x x
Often loses things x x x x x
Often distracted by extraneous stimuli x x x x x
Often forgetful in daily activities x x x x  
Hyperactivity and Impulsivity(At least 6 necessary)
Often fidgets with hands or feet or squirms in seat x x x x x
Often has difficulty remaining seated when required to do so x x x x x
Often runs or climbs excessively x x   x x
Often has difficulty playing quietly x x   x  
Often "on the go" x x   x x
Often talks excessively x x x x  
Often blurts out answers to questions before they have been completed x x x x  
Often has difficulty awaiting turn x x x x x
Often interrupts or intrudes on others x x x x x

Is this disorder for life, or can they grow out of it ???

True Hereditary ADHD, is a condition that remains for life, not to say that there is no area of life that they cant fit into, most ADHD/ADD children/adults have talents that we as (Normal) people could only wish for ... The Gifted with vision ... because they have had to go through most of their lives adapting to try and fit in, their skills when finally are helped with Meds, show a side that was hidden away ... up to 90% of True ADHD/ADD children/adults have some form of Specific Learning Difficulty. These may include many different disorders, spots of Autism, Aspersers, and Fragile X syndrome, just to name a few ... refer to list of other conditions in Specific Learning Disorders.

If so, what age are the symptoms likely to disappear ???

In True ADHD/ADD that is hereditary, they will never disappear, but in those that are brought on by mistreatment or accident, it is a matter of time for the healing process to happen ... that could take as 10-15 years, depending on if the condition was recognised as ADHD/ADD, and a behaviour modification program for parent and schools to help in rehabilitation of the child/adult is used ... also an Individual Education Program for extra help ... this works, and patience goes a long way to rehabilitation ... and slowly reducing medication, with the goal to stopping in time.

If not what can be done to help these people function, in a normal !! way that is acceptable to society.

ATTITUDE!!!!! Change

These are the people that in the years before, about 1920-1965 were put away in Mental Institutions, as being crazy, off the wall, out of control and many other reasons ... acceptable to society.

  1. Better understanding of the conditions ... ADHD/ADD.
  2. Introduce an Education Program that teaches Phonetic, and hands on, including the present Whole Language ... so that there is a choice for children to learn the way they are able to, and not the way that society wants them to ... IEP's.
  3. Teacher dedication, and not just looking at the behaviour pattern of a child/adult, because generally misbehaviour is a lack of understanding and comprehension of the spoken word ... work more on a 1 to 1 with those who may need help.
  4. Other disabilities, that may include Dyslexia ... refer to Specific Learning Disorders.

Society needs to take a hard look into the stats of yesteryear, the reform of Education, Health and Justice ... it is only in the last 25-30 years that we have had this degree of unwanted dysfunctional and wayward people. Our increase in young school dropouts, youth crime, youth drug/alcohol, substance abuse and youth suicide rate that has climbed in these years, to see where the majority of the problems in our schools and society lie ... no-one thinks of the parents that live through this with there children, that are pulling their hair out because no-one wants to know, frightening to know that we have such an uncaring, unforgiving society in good old green clean NZ.

Documentation from the Learning & Behaviour Charitable Trust NZ, on the process of ADHD/ADD/ODD (oppositional defiant disorder) has been sent to the PM, Helen Clark, D.PM, Jim Anderton, Youth Court Chief Justice, David Carruthers, Minister of Education, Trevor Mallard, Minister of Social Affairs, Steve Maharey, Minister of Youth Affairs, Laila Harre', Minister of Justice, Phil Goff, Assoc Minister of Education, Lianne Dalziel, Minister of Disabilities, Ruth Dyson, Commissioner for Children, Roger McClay.

There most likely more, but they are the most important ones that I can think of straight away ... so I have made it very know in the areas that need to be ... but lets see how long it takes for them to recognise the need for change ... many years ago NZ lead the world in Education, Literacy etc. ... we as a country now are at the bottom of the heap ... Third world statics in Education, Health etc.

Hope this helps your inquiring mind, never stop asking questions, that is good.

Yours truly,

Moira Buchanan (Trustee)