Aspergers Disorder (syndrome)

Asperger's syndrome, or sometimes called Asperger's Disorder, is one of a group of diagnoses included under the general term "Pervasive Developmental Disorders". It is sometimes compared to high-functioning Autistic Disorder. In general, Asperger's syndrome is used to describe persons with severe deficits in social interaction and who display repetitive, stereotyped behaviors without significant delays in the acquisition of language or in cognitive functioning. The majority of persons with Asperger's have some degree of language disorder, although their language difficulties may be mild and related only to the use of language for socialisation. The following are certain areas which are especially difficult for children with Asperger's:

  • Children with AS generally have difficulty with social skills and are often teased or ignored by peers.
  • Children with AS generally have impairments in thinking / cognitive processing, which often includes perseverative, rigid, or ritualistic thinking.
  • Communication skills may be impaired, particularly in pragmatic language, problem solving, and abstract reasoning.
  • Children with AS may display unusual sensory reactions and may become easily over- stimulated.
  • Difficulties with motor or perceptual-motor skills are also common, and children with AS may often seem awkward or clumsy.

Some children present with what appears to be typical autism, but go on to develop language and other skills, and by adolescence have all the features described by Asperger. Distinction between Asperger and autism: absence of delayed early language development in Asperger.

No two children are affected in exactly the same way, thus allowance needs to be made for individuality. But a child with Asperger syndrome does not necessarily have to attend a specialist school - an ideal support is a cooperation of the network class teacher, support teacher and special support assistant. They should be calm, positive and consistent and preferably have a good sense of humour.


Autism and Aspergers syndrome
A slide show by Hermine Posch

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Autism and Aspergers syndrome
Part of a paper by researcher (Hermine Posch) University of Granz, Austria on Autism and Asperger syndrome

Educating The Student With Asperger syndrome
According to DSM-IV (1994) criteria, the child must meet the criteria for social impairment, repetitive activities and age of onset, but have normal cognitive and language development. AS involves fewer symptoms than autism.


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