ADyscalculia by Gavin Reid University of Edinburgh

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Difficulties can result because of the:

  • sequential processes usually necessary for calculations,

  • the burden such calculations usually impose on short-term memory, and

  • the language aspects associated with descriptions of mathematical problems.

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  • Maths for the Dyslexic by Anne Henderson which is a practical guide with illustrations indicating ways to tackle complex concepts;

  • Maths for Dyslexics by Steve Chinn which also offers practical suggestions; and

  • Maths Solutions: an introduction to Dyscalculia by Jan Poustie which is also practical and contains photocopiable sheets.

  • All these resources can be obtained from SEN Marketing, Dyslexia and Special Needs Bookshop, 618 Leeds Road, Outwood, Wakefield, WF1 2LT tel/fax 01924 871697 e mail