Are there good things about being Dyslexic?


We have all heard the ancient belief that "if you can read, write and spell, you are intelligent. If you CAN'T read, write and spell, you are stupid." Right? WRONG!

Dyslexics are always of normal IQ and often have very high IQ's. Because of the above belief, they are very bright individuals who feel dumb.

Did you know that many dyslexics can think in a dimension that non-dyslexics often can't?. They can see visual and spatial pictures in their minds and experience a level of thinking that is very important to society.

Did you know, that many dyslexics have an insight into others that is unique? They have a sense of what others may be thinking or feeling. They are actually "People Persons" who do well in the fields of medicine, counselling, teaching, sales and many other careers, if given the chance to have their Educational needs met.

Did you know, that not all dyslexics "read backwards" as so many think? There is often a confusion between similar letters such as d's, b's, g's, q's, p's, m's w's etc ... because of the difference in brain formation and "glitches" that interrupt, what is automatic for the natural reader (non-dyslexic). However, dyslexics can learn to read and write, when taught in a multi-sensory way that brings the alphabet letter and the sound it represents together. This connection has to be made in the brain before written language skills are acquired.

Did you know, that although we have focused for many decade on the DISability of those who learn differently (the so called DISABLED), that there is a tremendous amount of ABILITY there, the other side of the coin of Dyslexia?. When we hire someone to do a job, does it not make sense to put their strengths to work, rather than their weaknesses. Dyslexics have MUCH to offer to world, if this, is understood by the people in their lives.

Did you know, that Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD/ADHD) are also a neurological condition as dyslexic is? It is genetic, runs in generations of families and both conditions can be slight to severe. Many of our clients have both. There are many and effective solutions available that are life changing.

We are a family of Dyslexic/ADD people and have come to see it as a gift, not a handicap. The human species would not survive very well if we did not have different strengths and weaknesses. We need to use this wisdom to help solve the many problems of hate, anger and violence in our world today.

Stoney & Gloria DeMent, National Dyslexia Research Foundation, USA.