Dyslexia Training Package


To help dyslexic adults achieve their potential in the workplace and in their ongoing education and to increase awareness of the issues surrounding dyslexia. This will be achieved through coaching The Learning to Succeed Programe and delivering awareness programs appropriate to the Organisation.

Learning to Succeed - Programe Summary

The programe aims to aid the student to cope with the effects of dyslexia on all aspects of life, with particular emphasis on work and continuing education and training. This is achieved through self-evaluation of strengths and current difficulties and by developing a practical understanding of the appropriate design and use of coping strategies.

It is not the aim of the programe to provide strategies for the students to adopt. Rather the course is designed to make them aware of the possibility of using strategies to overcome problems and further to provide the students with a set of tools with which they can develop their own strategies.

In addition, the course aims to develop self-esteem based on boosted ability.

Learning to Succeed - Course Elements

  • Personal and work based anxieties
  • Listening Skills
  • Prioritising text skill requirements
  • Technical Aids for home and work
  • Personal Time Management
  • Reducing anxiety in situations of confrontation
  • Strategies for negotiation
  • Coping with put downs
  • Memory enhancement
  • Organisational skills
  • Manual dexterity enhancement
  • The use of modern technology in accessing text

Programe Delivery

The Learning to Succeed Programe is made up of 28 sessions of about 1 1/2 hours each and the recommendation is to run 2 x 3hour sessions each week for 7 weeks. Classes should be of a minimum of 8 students. No prior experience or qualification is necessary to attend the course. The only requirement is that the student is dyslexic.


The trainer has the permission of Ribbon Courses Ltd to deliver the Learning to Succeed Programe and has the complete package including the resource pack and teaching aid pack. The use of a photocopier would be required as would the use of a suitable training venue.