Testimonial - Aaron

Amazing things happen
December the 2nd 1986
This little person came into my life, a dream come true only a few close people knew how long I had this dream and when he was born there was no question Aaron was here. He was a strange little man, perfect with a determined glint in his eyes. Fist clenched and ready for a fight I didn't realise at the time that he was prepared for something I wasn't even able to comprehend .............

Smiles came quick then words unrecognisable to any one else but I understood. By five months, he was sitting up, six months crawling things where happening so fast he didn't like sleeping, he needed to stay awake, he had to much to learn. Aaron had a little inflatable pool that I used to put him in, so he was safe. He would sit and crawl around in there with his blue blanket under him Aaron, his pokananu (a little toy crocodile), potamonkey (a strange looking stuffed toy) would all spend their time in this bright red inflatable swimming pool in the middle of the lounge floor, while I was busy cleaning up their morning tornado that was just beginning to hit our house regularly every day. I was not aware that the future would bring an earthquake, tsunami and an atomic explosion on a daily basis also.

On the morning of the 11th July 1987 every thing is in upheaval being my sister Christine's wedding day Aaron was bathed and in his pool playing. My dress for the wedding is hanging in the doorway ironed and ready to wear. I sat down to rest for a min and I look up Aaron is standing in the middle of the pool I quickly picked up the camera I had ready for the wedding and snapped a picture. I felt so proud of my clever little man. I didn't realise then what I was in for, and that the brand new silver cross buggy that I had was about to become redundant. It wasn't just a fluke he showed everyone at the wedding his newly acquired talent. And basically started a new fitness programe for me. With reins and wrist straps as accessories. The swimming pool is now no longer a safe place for Aaron but a place to throw EVERYTHING that he is playing with today, even the cat's motley and crew. Inevitably the pool didn't last much longer so I had to come up with a new plan.

A STAIR GATE that could move everywhere that Aaron did it was no point getting one of those that open that you could walk through it, he would of worked that out too quick. A lightweight wooden one with heavy-duty screw up rubber stoppers top and bottom in all four corners. That would do the trick or so I thought!

It was about this time that I found out that Aaron had another talent, to be able to climb vertical wooden poles with his toes.

Then the toddler years started. Shopping became a big problem, I wouldn't say Aaron was naughty just that he would never stand still. So supermarket checkout's were no go areas. Aaron was Houdini when it came to reins, and the few wrist straps we tried snapped soon after we bought them. I persevered UNTIL my second child was born.

The health visitor/midwife who came to see me noticed how much attention Aaron needed from me and suggested that I talk to my GP. The GP and SPECIALIST both felt that with Aaron being only 3 years old it was to early to diagnosis but they recommended that Aaron have a priority placement in a nursery. As we lived in England at this time this meant that Aaron started school at 3 years old. The specialist also said that Aaron was a very bright child and that he would need all of his interests channeled.

School life began and Aaron settles in quite well. I was worry about his behaviour there, but the school and teachers were wonderful and very understanding of Aaron. At this stage he became very interested in his surroundings and the events that were happening in the world. Even to this day he remembers the gulf war, or in the three and a half years old Aaron's words "the men with tea towels and table clothes on their heads". I started to take Aaron to places that interested him. And then when we got home we would try and find out as much as we could about the places we had been to for example Hadrian's wall, ruin castles he especially enjoyed Sterling in Scotland where William Wallace (Brave Heart) was from this was a good few years before the movie.

As Aaron grew he surprised me with his interest in rugby league and dancing he personally ask the dance teacher at his two sisters dance classes if he could join and then I saw another talent. This was when I realised that Aaron loves an audience this is what he'd been looking for. He just loved to perform The Clown, The dancer, the musician and the actor that was Aaron.

When Aaron was ten we moved to New Zealand back to my home and to a healthier environment. He had his last year of primary STD 4 here in New Zealand and then on to intermediate. It was the beginning of form two when I started to worry, I had numerous conversations and made appointments to speak to his teacher. But I was lead to believe that Aaron was doing fine and that he would cope well with college. Then Aaron sat a pre-college evaluation test and the results came through two days after Aaron left intermediate.

I approached the intermediate and they just brushed it off they told me that his levels were average for that school (I think it was a case of dumping down personally). The new college said they would like to put him in a remedial class they also suggested that I have him check out for ADHD. My feelings were that ADHD were a possibility, but we had got so far with routine, order, morals and plenty of interesting things to do that I didn't need to look into it for home life.

Something had to be done. I took Aaron to see a pediatric specialist who diagnosed ADHD and prescribed medication. Aaron went into remedial class and soon became very bored with the work. Aaron and his teacher decided to work together to get him back into mainstream classes. This happened at the beginning of the second term, Aaron was so proud and happy, but he wasn't aware that he would be left without any support in mainstream (and neither was I). From then on things got bad. Behaviour, class work, home work, I had letters, phone calls, I started to think why tell me all this I don't ring them if he doesn't make his bed or do the dishes and I've been telling the education system there was something wrong for ages.

Then at the beginning of this year while reading the Wellington Contact, I saw a tiny advert for the LBCTNZ web site, I went straight to the computer and had a look. When I read about Moira and John the tears streamed down my face. MAYBE if I ask for help (its very hard to do, I've always been on top of it and managed) I told my mum and she sent an email to Moira.

A few days later Moira emailed me. Then we talked on the phone, each time I felt stronger and more prepared to stand up for my son. Moira suggested that we have an Educational Assessment and this reported that Aaron literacy skills of 9.0years -9.3years-10.9years, Spelling 10.00years, Basic facts 10.00 years, an above average verbal intelligence, and three features associated with dyslexia

The College that Aaron was at didn't seem to be able to offer any additional help apart from putting him back into remedial class, this I know would have destroyed the little spirit that Aaron had left.

So with Moira's inspiration, we took the bull by the horns and found another college that wants to help Aaron. Now the mornings are happy, Aaron is keen, Evenings are pleasant.