Testimonial - Barbara, Trust Member

Congratulations on the website and many thanks to those who have made it possible, in particular the Learning & Behavior Charitable Trust NZ, CallPlus/Slingshot, Orb Web Development and Dick Hubbard.

When my son was at primary school, he asked me if there was anyone in the world who would understand what it was like to never get anything right - no matter how hard they tried. Now, ten years on, there is this wonderful, positive news - there are people who understand, who card and who are willing to give their time and resources to make life worth living for those with Learning problems.

There has been much publicity about the physical abuse of children, but little thought seems to have Been given to the morality of subjecting a child to a situation, day after day, in which it is impossible for them to achieve and in which they experience considerable ridicule, failure, humiliation and isolation. In my opinion this is an horrific abuse which, as we know, affects not only the child concerned but his/hers siblings, family and ultimately the community. I am not surprised that young people, who find themselves a poor fit in the education system, behave as they do and often express thoughts of suicide.

I wish you and the Trust every success with this venture and hope that it will lead to the changes required to present education in a way that recognizes different learning styles and learning difficulties and values our children for the skills and talents they undoubtedly possess.

Kind regards, and yours sincerely,