Testimonial - Carol & Dave

I am a mother of an ADD teenage boy and it's hard to understand his needs he lived with his father for the last 8 years and I attended a counseling meeting with his father and was told to separate him from his sisters because of his bad behavior towards them.

I had to take on board of all the bad behavior and attitude, I was not informed of the whole story and still left in the dark with everything about my son, he is still that loving boy that I have known but hard to get through with him, I have support with his new counselor but feel that I need more support for me and my family.

I need more information on how to keep him in school, he has been stood-down from school for three days and he has a bad habit of lying to everyone and anyone that is around him not sure of what steps to take sometimes. I have remarried but do not have a problem with my son and husband as they get on well and my son looks up to him. We both have no idea what we can do but pray that one day we find some answers on how to control him to best we can.

I hope you understand what I am saying. Some day I hope that we get his sister back together again. For the last 8 years he was living with his father and step-mother I was not told of anything about what was happening with my son. and that he was put on pills for the whole time he is not on any at the moment as a trial and so far not much different. So after attending one meeting with his counselor they dumped all this on us, but I am not going to send him back as a result of the ordeal he has been through.