Testimonial - Chris

A story of two boy's

He suffered quite a lot of teasing as to his body shape. Not very tall and rather stocky as well as not being able to read and write. At 11 years he was starving himself  He was very good at hiding the fact that he wasn't eating. he had a beautiful boy soprano voice, but wasn't allowed to have a major roll in the school production because his reading was not up to par.

It didn't matter that orally things were not learnt very quickly. The parents sought help at school, especially at high school where there was a programe but they weren't given help. He was told by one teacher in front of all the entire class, "that he was DUMB, he was shit, he was crap, dumbest of the dumb and wouldn't get a job as a road sweeper".

It didn't matter what was said at home to try and encourage him, he lost all self esteem and confidence. A  He was good to have as a friend, but not as a boyfriend.

There was one teacher at high school who recognised he was and had something special and had talent, this teacher saved Chris from self destruction. His twin brother was taller and very good at sport, he had an easier time. The younger one (Chris) suffered a lot of bulling. The only way to get any protection was to become part of their group and skip classes.

Both boys sat School Certificate and each failed three subjects, English scores were 18-19 respectively. With those results we went to the school and wanted action. They both had reading ages of 8 - 9 years old.

We are told to take them to SPELD which we did. 12 months later they sat and passed those failed subjects with Reader Writers - English 50 - 51%. To gain Reader - Writers they had to have Psych tests. Both did very well and had IQ's in the top 5%, this had to be repeated when they sat their Trade Certs. Both passed well. The Engineer had marks in the eighties in one paper.

They were both involved in a motor bike accident at the age of 16 years. The Engineer suffered a very badly broken leg, he almost had a death wish for quite some years, he had another 2 motor bike accidents.

Chris moved to Australia and gained employment with his present firm. At 26 years of age, he was offered the foreman position. They encouraged him to take further grades at the TAFE College, one a Health & Safety officer. He did very well with both parts. Chris is now 1 1/2 papers from a full mechanical engineers degree (Proud)

He has now been a partner of this firm for some time.

But, it has taken this article (from Australia) to make him realise that he is somebody and to be confident in himself. This is still developing. He was also invited by the Queensland Premier to a business luncheon for the Top Businessman with the American High Commissioner for Trade. He was invited to go with the Premier with this Trade Delegation to the USA. But work and family commitments made that impossible.

The older twin is also very successful in his carpentry building work, but hasn't yet met the success the younger twin (Chris) has achieved.

I know this fits a familiar pattern, but it may help others through life.

Twins Mum