Testimonial - Kaye

We are an ADHD family, here is a little about our son and our family.

Our son Dean was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 10yrs old. (Now 15yrs old)

I knew that some thing was not right with Dean by the time he was 3 years old, only no one wanted to listen, I was just a over the top young mother.

By the time Dean was 7 years old he was on to his second school, family life was hell and still he was just seen as a bad boy (naughty) not listening, off doing his own thing all the time, no friends, never going to other kids places, no kids ever came to play at our home as a mother I felt it was all my fault, maybe Dean was like this because of me! And it was me the doctor put into counseling!!

Dean couldn't get help from SES as he was to smart in some areas (yet not in others!).

Over the years I have been to so many parent workshops, thinking it was my/our parenting, My hubby and I have always worked together backing each other up when it comes to the kids (so I guess we are lucky there).

When Dean started college I knew he would find it hard to cope with the change, I spoke to the teachers before he went to college and was told things would be ok, (you guessed it!) things weren't ok that first year he was stood down once and they were not sure if they wanted him back there as he was out of hand, said things he shouldn't have, he was in fights all the time, by the end of the year I didn't know what to do.

So on to his second year of college, and things just seemed to get worse, I had spoken to teachers, trying to get them to understand ADHD, yet they just didn't want to know and again Dean was stood down from school,(twice this year at college), I had written letters to who ever I could think of to get help for Dean and our family, by now our family was falling apart, (still no one wanted to know, talk about feeling lost and alone out there!!) I felt I was losing the battle and there was nowhere else to turn, my hubby wanted to leave, our older daughter had left (she was only 16yrs old, today she is still in school, working and still out flatting she is 18yrs old now). Feeling my world was coming down around me, telling a friend I think there is nothing left for us to do for Dean and I couldn't cope having him living at home any more, she gave me a number to ring, she had read some where about the Leaning and Behaviour Charitable Trust NZ, I though yeah right! Sure! After a day of thinking I though what the hell and rang the number (well what did I have to lose right? (Well I had my son and on one wants to lose their son, no matter now bad things get huh)) And anyway by now I was home schooling Dean and had realised things were real bad because he couldn't read or write well (not enough to get by with), so there I was on the phone talking to a wonderful person who was caring and listening to what I was saying about Dean (and she understood where I was at as a mother) and she was wanting to help Dean and the family, I couldn't believe it after all this time, this wonderful woman wanted to help US "wow" she had me believing in myself, in Dean and that our family would make it together, Moira had me e-mailing things all over the place! And she put us onto the right people to see, (it now turns out Dean is not only ADHD but dyslexia in five areas). Moira even came to the school with us and set things in place for our Dean.

Dean has had his mediation changed, and today is back at school, happier than he has ever been, he is evolved in sports at school, doing a lot better in class, comes home happy! Family life is great (like all families we still have our ups and downs), he is getting along better with his older sister now and his young sister has noticed a change in him too. As a family we are still together and have became a closer knit (hubby is still with us!!) I believe if we hadn't found Moira and the Trust, we wouldn't have come this far! Moira thank you doesn't seem enough for what you have done for us - you are a wonderful and caring person.