Testimonial - Paul Dracevich

Paul I suffer from Dyslexia, and when I was asked to write this web site for the Trust, it brought back many many things back from my past, I have not been told officially that I have Dyslexia a teacher from my 7th form asked me to do some test's and after that he told me I have got it, it was about 3 months before the end of my schooling. Nothing was done about it, I am now 25 years old.

I have been reading the letters and books that I have been given to enter on the web site, The words I read in Dawn's one hurt because the same words, where said about me when I was at school ("He's cruising, he's a daydreamer, or he could do better if he put more effort into it") and that was said right until I left school, and it contains right to this day for me each day has been a fight, and still I am fighting.

But the words and the information in this web site, is now starting to make sense to me "At last, there is other people out there as well."

I know its not too much, but I have learnt that its never to late to learn, never to late to change, and there is NOTHING we cant do.

Paul Dracevich
1st December 2000